Greens Combustion LTD

Greens Combustion supports end users mainly in the refining, gas processing and petrochemical sectors with a particular focus on supply of oil and gas burners for fired heaters, reformers, crackers, and boilers, the design and supply of incineration systems for liquid and gaseous waste streams and design and supply of fuel trains and burner control systems and other thermal equipment.

Greens Combustion Limited gathers together some of the leading specialists in the combustion industry and can offer supply of spare parts, site surveys and trouble shooting, consultancy on combustion and burner applications and installation and commissioning services.

The company is part of Greens Holdings plc which has subsidiaries and agents around the world. Sister company Greens Power is well-known for economisers, heat recovery steam generators, fin tubes and boilers and has manufacturing facilities in China and in the UK.