IFRF is the research and networking hub of the global combustion and energy community. We perform research, facilitate access to research capabilities and expertise worldwide, and disseminate information. 

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Doosan Babcock

Doosan Babcock is an established leader in the provision of unique energy and environmental solutions to clients worldwide. Babcock is a worldwide company with offices and functions in all the major energy markets.


E.ON is a major investor-owned energy supplier. At facilities across Europe, Russia, and North America, our more than 58,000 employees generated just around EUR112 billion in sales in 2014. We have an ambitious objective: to make energy cleaner and better wherever we operate.

RJM International

RJM International is a specialist provider of services aimed at the power and industrial plant sectors. Since the business was established in 1977, it has developed a series of pioneering, cutting-edge solutions and products, designed to help large power and industrial plants meet their energy and emissions challenges.

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Greens Combustion LTD

Greens Combustion supports end users mainly in the refining, gas processing and petrochemical sectors with a particular focus on supply of oil and gas burners for fired heaters, reformers, crackers, and boilers, the design and supply of incineration systems for liquid and gaseous waste streams and design and supply of fuel trains and burner control systems and other thermal equipment.

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Cardiff University

The energy group at cardiff has a range of rigs and furnaces up to 2 MW, supported by a range of advanced diagnostic instrumentation. Both traditional and renewable fuels can be used using both direct and indirect combustion methods. The group also has specialisms in hydrocarbon explosions and their mitigation as well as CFD/modeling capabilities.

University of South Wales

The Engineering Research Centre at the University of South Wales undertakes a wide range of research work including heat transfer modeling, condition monitoring and advanced control of energy systems.

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