IFRF Relocates to University of Sheffield

After 10 year's in Italy the IFRF operations at the Livorno Research facility of ENEL endedin 2016. Early in 2015 IFRF was advised that developments in ENEL's strategy would ultimately impact the Livorno site. For several months since then, a working group of IFRF executive and Joint Committee members has been involved in identifying and assessing potential new hosts for IFRF's relocation. The business plans of the two shortlisted organisations were reviewed and debated at a special meeting of Joint Committee and Executive group last week in Paris. Both parties, GWI of Essen, Germany and The University of Sheffield presented strong cases, each of which received support from the IFRF representatives.

The final vote selected the University of Sheffield as new hosts. The Sheffield bid was lead by Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, head of Sheffield's Energy Research Group. Professor Pourkashanian's highly experienced team will support the new IFRF operation and provide test facilities from the PACT network.

The new Director of IFRF, Philip Sharman, is well known and respected internationally for his activities, holding many senior roles in the field of Energy Generation and Utilisation.

We welcome and support Professor Pourkashaniaian and Philip Sharman in their new roles and look forward to a long and succesful association.




TOTeM 43 to be hosted at Sheffield University 2-3 June 2016

With a provisional working title of "Furnaces and process heater instrumentation, control and safety: challenges and best practices" the  IFRF TOTeM (Topic Oriented Technical Meeting) - TOTeM 43 - will be held at the University of Sheffield on Thursday and Friday, 2-3 June 2016. A full program of presentations from international speakers is well under way and final details will be published by year end. The conference will be jointly organised by IFRF/BFRC and Sheffield University. MORE  TO FOLLOW.

British Flame welcomes University of Sheffield as New Member

The British Flame and IFRF family are delighted to announce that the University of Sheffield has rejoined as full Academic Members under the leadership of Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, the University's Head of Energy Research. Mohmamed is of course well known and highly respected internationally throughout Academia and both Industrial and  Government circles. We look forward to the vigour and creativity our renewed closer association will bring. Sheffield University has had close association with IFRF since its founding days, from Prof. Meredith Thring, through Prof. John Beer and more icons of Combustion Research, for example Professor Jim Swithenbank's highly influential period firstly as Deputy Superintendant of Research (1986-1989) then Superintendent of Research (1989-1992).